We are a team that believes in individual freedoms and limited states as the fundamental pillar for the development of a democratic system, formed by people who seek to counteract the threats facing western civilization. We believe in competition, meritocracy, free markets and the family as the most important nucleus for the generation of prosperity.

We promote candidates, parties and institutions that wish to implement measures backed by economic science and historical evidence to drastically reduce poverty and political patronage, providing all people with opportunities to progress based on their own efforts, so that they can take care of their families without the need to beg for handouts from politicians and the State.


We analyze, research, inform, communicate and advise. We want to create a network of activists and politicians in all Spanish-speaking countries and the United States, so that they can access positions of power in the different nations of the region and at all administrative levels, with the purpose of counteracting the penetration of collectivist and totalitarian doctrines that threaten the stability, law and prosperity of the West.


We create communicational strategies to counteract the pre-established narratives of the corporate media, currently co-opted by leftist activists who recurrently falsify and manipulate information with the intention of favoring oversized and totalitarian states. We encourage debates and citizen participation through digital spaces, providing the public with verifiable information that allows them to reach their own conclusions.

We conduct in-depth research based on quantitative and qualitative data that allows us to create, not only communicational campaigns, but also, bills and policies to foster economic growth, peace and prosperity in the nations of the Western Hemisphere.


Emmanuel Rincón

Emmanuel Rincón es escritor, abogado, periodista y comentarista político, ha publicado 7 libros y cientos de artículos sobre política en el hemisferio occidental, además del libro de ensayo “La reinvención ideológica de América Latina”. Rincón suma más de 200.000 seguidores en Twitter, su cuenta se encuentra entre las 100 más influyentes del mundo según el ranking de Notus, promedia más de 120 millones de impresiones mensuales con alcance a millones de personas en todo el territorio hispanohablante. Ha trabajado y colaborado con diferentes medios de comunicación, think tanks y agencias de marketing.

Emmanuel Rincon's work and opinions have been reviewed in: Fox News, The Daily Wire, Heritage Foundation, Foundation for Economic Education, National Review, The Epoch Times, ABC News Local 10, Diario Las Américas, Orlando Sentinel, Yahoo News, MegaTV, EFE, Europa Press, Ntn24, W Radio, Revista Semana, RCN Radio, PanAm Post, El American, The Clinic, Clarín, La Nación, El Nacional, El Universal, Infobae, La República, Americano Media, Centro de Estudios Libertarios, among others.


He has also received attacks from the biggest U.S. leftist "watchdogs" such as Media Matters and Logically.ai.


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