We want to recover common sense within politics and encourage individual freedoms as the basis for the construction of an unbreakable democratic system where everyone is part through merit and their qualities, and not by political, racial or gender quotas, which, in the long run derives in corruption, nepotism, high bureaucracy and ineffectiveness of institutions.

We believe in humanity, we believe in common sense, we believe in national sovereignty and economic sciences. We seek to leave behind the failed projects of societies planned by bureaucrats that have caused so many famines and repression throughout history.

We Reject
  • Racism and sexism in all its forms, including that driven by institutions through affirmative action that seeks to portray women or minorities as inferior individuals.

  • Redistributive populism as a panacea for the ills of humanity.

  • The demonization of wealth, entrepreneurship and work.

  • The excessive power that has been transferred to bureaucrats of international organizations that today threaten the national sovereignty of States.

  • The attempts to demonize and destroy the traditional family as the fundamental nucleus for the progress of nations.

  • The indoctrination and sexualization of children.

  • Governments and legislation that provide infinite power to bureaucrats over the private lives of citizens.